Rapunzel and the Gentle Horse

Once upon a time, in a tower hidden deep in the heart of the Enchanted Forest, lived a young girl named Rapunzel with hair as golden as the sun. Her hair was so long it could wrap around the tower several times like a shiny ribbon. Rapunzel loved all creatures of the forest and often watched them from her window high above the trees. One day, an old gentle horse wandered into the clearing by the tower. His coat was the softest shade of brown, his eyes kind and full of stories.

Rapunzel was delighted to see a new friend and quickly tossed her golden hair down so the horse could climb up. But, instead of climbing, the horse did something quite unexpected. He thought the hair was just the loveliest hay he had ever seen and began to nibble gently at the strands, mistaking them for a delicious treat.

Surprised but not upset, Rapunzel chuckled and said, ‘Oh, dear horse, that’s not hay, but you’re welcome to a little taste! I’ve plenty to share!’ The kind horse blinked his large eyes, and with a soft snort, he realized his mistake. Feeling sorry, he nuzzled Rapunzel’s hand, showing his appreciation for her kindness.

From that day on, Rapunzel took care of her new friend by bringing him fresh hay and apples. She braided flowers into his mane, and they spent many happy hours together. As for her hair, she had a magical idea. Rapunzel made a braid as thick as a rope which she let down every day, but this time with a bell tied at the end, just for her horse, so he wouldn’t mistake her hair for hay again.

Together, Rapunzel and the gentle horse had many adventures, always treating each other with kindness and respect. And that’s how Rapunzel’s tower was filled with warmth, laughter, and the gentle sounds of her loyal friend’s neighing.

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