The Generous Scarecrow

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In the magical land of Oz, there was a kind-hearted Scarecrow who stood tall in the farmer’s field, watching over the golden crops. The Scarecrow was unique, with a smile stitched from ear to ear, and a twinkling button gaze that saw beyond what was right in front of him. He was not only there to keep the birds at bay, but also to take care of the creatures that called this land home. One sunny morning, a herd of cows wandered into the field, their bellies rumbling with hunger. They had wandered far and found no grass to graze on, for a mysterious drought had turned their usual pastures dry. The Scarecrow, feeling a wave of compassion for these poor animals, made a grand decision. With a gentle nod, he signaled the cows to come closer. ‘Dear friends,’ the Scarecrow whispered, his voice rustling like the leaves in the wind, ‘eat the straw of my body. It will fill your stomachs and give you strength.’ And so, the grateful cows began to feed on the Scarecrow’s straw filling, munching contentedly. As the day turned to evening, and the sky painted itself in hues of orange and purple, the cows were no longer hungry, and the Scarecrow was left with just his head, still smiling proudly atop the fence post. But the Scarecrow was not sad, for his heart, if he had one, was full of joy. He had helped his friends in their time of need. What the Scarecrow didn’t know was that the farmer had watched his generous act. The next day, the farmer came out with fresh straw and rebuilt the Scarecrow’s body, making it even larger and stronger than before. The Scarecrow’s kindness was repaid, and he stood tall once again, a symbol of generosity in the fields of Oz.

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