The Generous Scarecrow

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In the middle of a lush green farm lived a kind-hearted scarecrow. He was not just any scarecrow; he had a smile that stretched from one stitched ear to the other. His body was made of golden straw, and he wore a patched-up hat that danced when the wind blew through the fields. The animals and birds admired Scarecrow for his warmth and the silent comfort he provided to everyone around him. One sunny day, a herd of hungry cows wandered into the field where Scarecrow stood. They had been searching for something to eat, and to them, the straw that made up Scarecrow’s body looked like the perfect meal. Scarecrow noticed their hungry eyes and, with a heart as big as the open sky, offered, ‘Dear cows, you seem so hungry. Please eat my straw. I don’t mind at all.’ And so the cows feasted on the straw, munching away until Scarecrow was left only with a head, still smiling, perched atop his wooden stake. From the edge of the field, the Female Munchkin Farmer watched the scene with glistening eyes. Her heart warmed by Scarecrow’s selfless act of kindness. ‘Are you alright, Scarecrow?’ Farmer Munchkin called out with concern. ‘O, dear friend, I am happy to help. But if it’s not too much, could the crows taste just a bit of the corn? They have little ones waiting in their nests,’ said Scarecrow, still with care in his voice. Farmer Munchkin chuckled, ‘Scarecrow, your heart is kinder than the gentlest rain. Yes, let the crows have some corn. Together, we grow more than enough to share.’ And from that day on, the farm became a symbol of sharing and kindness, where every creature, big or small, felt the warmth of the generous Scarecrow’s spirit.

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