The Trolls Who Learned to Be Kind

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Once upon a time, in the lush Heartwood Forest, there lived a group of trolls who were known to be quite unpleasant. They would stomp around, making loud noises, and often unkindly scare the forest creatures just for fun. The animals of the forest, big and small, feared the trolls and their mischievous ways. But one day, everything changed when a little bird with a broken wing stumbled into the troll’s camp. The smallest troll, whose name was Grumble, saw the bird first. ‘Why are you here?’ he asked gruffly. The bird replied in a weak chirp, ‘I am lost and hurt, could you please help me?’ Surprisingly, Grumble felt something he had never felt before—compassion. He gathered the little bird up in his hands and showed it to the other trolls. Instead of squabbling like they usually did, the trolls came together to help the bird. They built a cozy nest and fed it until its wing healed. Days went by, and they found joy in caring for something other than themselves. The forest creatures watched in amazement as the trolls who were once feared now showed love and kindness. The day came when the little bird’s wing was all better, and it was ready to fly away. The trolls gathered to say goodbye, feeling a little sad but happy they had helped. As the bird took flight, it chirped a song of thanks that touched the trolls’ hearts. From that day on, the trolls decided to be kind and help the other creatures of the heartwood forest. And so, the noise in the forest was no more from the trolls’ cries but from the laughter and joy of all who lived there.

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