The Trolls Who Learned to Be Kind

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Once upon a time, in a colorful forest, there lived a group of trolls known for being quite mischievous. They weren’t truly evil, but they often played tricks on the other creatures of the forest, which made them rather unpopular. Their names were Grizzle, Muddle, and Wart, and they thought their pranks were hilarious. But deep down, they wished the other animals would laugh along with them instead of running away in annoyance. One bright morning, the trolls saw a young rabbit named Hoppity who was looking very sad because he had lost his way. Grizzle, with his tangled hair, said, ‘Let’s scare him!’ But Muddle, who had a slightly softer heart, suggested, ‘Perhaps we should help instead.’ At first, Wart grumbled at the idea. But then he imagined how good it might feel to make someone smile. So, they approached Hoppity, who trembled at first, but they spoke with gentle voices. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ said Muddle. ‘We can help you find your home!’ The trolls felt something new as they helped Hoppity, it was the warmth of kindness. Working together, they guided him back to his burrow where his family waited. Hoppity’s family thanked the trolls, and the forest creatures began to see them in a new light. From that day on, the trolls decided to use their cleverness for good. They still played pranks, but only ones that made everyone laugh – even butterflies would giggle! Over time, Grizzle, Muddle, and Wart became treasured friends to all, proving that anyone can change for the better. And so, the once mischievous trolls learned that the greatest joy came from spreading happiness, not fear.

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