The Friendly Dragon

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Once upon a time in a magical kingdom, there was a small village nestled at the base of a towering mountain. In the heart of the mountain, lived a kind and gentle dragon named Sparkle. Sparkle was different from the other dragons; instead of breathing fire, she breathed out shimmering stars! The villagers were afraid of Sparkle at first, but soon they realized that she meant no harm. Sparkle loved to help others and she often flew around the village, leaving trails of twinkling stars in the sky. The children in the village adored Sparkle and would often play games with her, using her starlight to guide their way. One day, an evil sorcerer cast a spell on the village, covering it in darkness. The villagers were scared and didn’t know what to do. Sparkle stepped forward and with a mighty breath, she released a shower of her sparkling stars, illuminating the entire village. Her stars dispelled the darkness, and the village was saved! The sorcerer was so surprised by Sparkle’s beauty and kindness that he decided to change his wicked ways. He became friends with Sparkle and together, they used their magic to make the kingdom a better place. From that day on, Sparkle and the sorcerer worked together to spread light and joy wherever they went, showing everyone that even a dragon can be a true friend. [Dragon roar]

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