The Dragon’s Song

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In a land draped in emerald green, where mountains kissed the skies, lived a family of dragons known for their peaceful ways. Among them was a little dragon named Ember, who had scales shimmering in shades of sapphire and jade. Unlike his fiery friends, Ember couldn’t breathe fire; instead, he could sing melodies that soothed even the wildest of beasts. [Enchanted forest] One day, the tranquility of their home was disturbed by a thunderous [Volcano eruption]. The dragons feared they would have to flee from their beloved land. Ember, seeing the distress around him, climbed to the highest peak and filled his lungs with the fresh mountain air. As he sung his heartfelt melody, the ground began to still, and the sky turned a calming blue. [Dragon roar] To everyone’s amazement, from the volcano’s fiery heart emerged not destruction, but beautiful crystal flowers, glinting in the lava’s light. Ember’s song had not only calmed the volcano but also revealed its hidden magic. From that day forward, Ember was known as the Dragon of Song, a true friend of the land, and the harmony between the mountains and dragons was stronger than ever. Their songs of peace echoed through the ages, a reminder that even the smallest voice could nurture miracles. [Magical spells]

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