The Colorful Marks of Destiny

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In the land of Technocolors, everyone was born with a unique colored mark on their cheek that destined them to be either prey, predator, angel, or dragon. Jack was an ingenious robot maker, living amongst his metal creations in a cozy workshop at the edge of the bustling Technotown. His friends were the robots he built with his own hands, and he loved them dearly. But Jack felt different, his cheek bore no mark, and that made him wonder if he truly had a place in the world. One bright day, the citizens of Technocolors woke up to a surprise. A mysterious rainbow gleamed in the sky, and everyone’s mark had changed! swirled around the town as the blue marks turned into green, the red into yellow, and so on. The colorful chaos caused quite the commotion, but Jack, with no mark, watched in silent amazement. ‘Why has this happened?’ a little boy with a new dragon yellow mark asked. Jack had an idea. ‘Maybe it’s to show us that we don’t have to be defined by our marks. We can be whoever we want to be.’ He said, smiling. The inhabitants of Technocolors, now with their new marks, started to see the world differently. Predators helped their prey friends, and angels learned from the wise dragons. The divisions that once seemed so clear were now a blur; unity and friendship blossomed. And Jack, the clever robot maker? He decided to craft a special robot for each of the new marks. For the blue marks, he made the robots to protect; for the red marks, robots to celebrate their strength; for the green marks, robots to heal; and for the yellow dragons, robots to teach. The robots became guardians of peace, ensuring that no matter what color their marks were, everyone could live in harmony. Even without a mark, Jack found his place, as a maker, a friend, and a uniter of the colorful world of Technocolors. And that was the greatest destiny of all.

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