Jack and the Blue Cheek Mark

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In the whimsical city of Chroma, everyone was born with a colorful mark on their cheek. This wasn’t any ordinary mark; it carried a magical meaning. Blue marks were symbols of kindness and the ability to speak with animals, red indicated fierce courage, yellow shone for those with healing powers, whereas green was the mark of a dragon whisperer—so rare that it was the stuff of legends. Little Jack came into the world with a soft blue mark shaped like a tiny feather on his cheek. As he grew up, Jack discovered he could understand the whispers of birds and the rustling of the squirrels. The animals of the forest loved Jack, and he spent many a day playing and chatting with his woodland friends. One day, while he was deep in the forest, a flash of red caught his eye. It was Ruby, a girl with the red mark of courage who seldom left the city. ‘A predator is coming,’ she warned, her eyes wide with fear. Jack wasn’t sure what to do until he remembered his unique gift. With courage gathered, he asked the animals for help. The birds chirped out a lookout, and the rabbits thumped warnings. Then, a shimmer in the air showed Jack glimpses of the predator’s movements, helping them to avoid it completely and stay safe. As they returned to the city, everyone was amazed. Jack, with his blue mark, and Ruby, with her red one, had protected the town. From that day on, every color mark was celebrated: blue for prayer, red for protection, yellow for healing, and maybe, just maybe, one day a green dragon whisperer would appear. For every mark was special in the city of Chroma, and every child, like Jack and Ruby, had their own magic to share.

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