The Wishing Star

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High above the friendly town of Glimmerdale, where the night sky was always clear, there was a little star that twinkled more brightly than any other. Its name was Stella, and it was known as the Wishing Star. Every night, as the silver moon rose, Stella shone her light to listen to the wishes of all the children below. One clear evening, Timmy, a young boy with an adventurous heart, stood gazing at the sky. ‘I wish I could fly and visit Stella the Wishing Star!’ he whispered with eyes full of wonder. As if hearing his wish, cascaded from Stella, showering Timmy with twinkling light. Suddenly, he felt his feet lift off the ground! Timmy was enveloped in a gentle breeze, and he began to soar upwards toward Stella. The view was breathtaking. He saw the rooftops of Glimmerdale, the distant mountains, and the forests below, all bathing in the moonlight. When he finally reached Stella, she greeted him with a warm, shimmering glow. ‘Welcome, young dreamer,’ she said. ‘You showed true belief in your wish, and that is why I granted it.’ Timmy spent the night exploring the wonders of the night sky, sliding down moonbeams and racing with comets. As dawn approached, Stella spoke softly, ‘It’s time to return home, brave explorer. Remember, keep dreaming and wishing, for magic resides in the heart of the believers.’ With a , Timmy floated back down to his bedroom, carrying with him the memories of an enchanting adventure. The next morning, Timmy awoke filled with joy and amazement. He realized that no dream was too big, and every night, he would look up at Stella and smile, knowing wishes really can come true.

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