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In Meadowville town, not far or near, Lived creatures of kinds, both far and near. They were tall and short, slim and stout, Each unique, without a doubt. One bright day, beneath a tree, whispered, ‘Be just thee.’ Squirrels scurried with nuts to save, And wise Owls dwelled in shadowy cave. Giraffe with neck so high and grand, Could spot trouble across the land. as Rabbit hopped with glee, His speed unmatched by any, you see. Bear shared honey so rich and sweet, With a generous heart, it was his treat. echoed with Bird’s melody, A tune of freedom, wild and free. In this town, they all knew true, The best thing to be was simply you. For Giraffe’s stretch or Bear’s bear hug, Together, their differences made them snug. Young Lily Lizard, green and small, Watched her friends and learned from all. She treasured her scales, her swift stride, Knowing inside, she needn’t hide. So sing your song, dance your dance, In Meadowville, they all took the chance. To show the world, both old and new, The best kind of special is just to be you. From Giraffe’s view to Rabbit’s hop, They celebrate each other nonstop. So be proud of what makes you, you, For there’s magic in being true and true. And if ever in doubt or feeling blue, Remember Meadowville’s motley crew. whispered through the valley, ‘Embrace yourself,’ they’d say quite calmly. The marvelous you, it shines, it beams, In every laugh, hope, and dream. So be not another, for it’s easy to see, The world’s a better place with a special ‘just me.’

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