The Starfish’s Night

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In the deep blue sea where the waters are hush, A little starfish dreamed beneath the ocean’s brush. He lay on the seabed, with sands so fine, Gazing up above where the night stars shine. With each gentle wave, he’d dance and sway, murmuring tales in a bubbly play. The moon poured silver over coral and shell, While the starfish wished he could swim as well. ‘Oh stars in the sky, so bright and so far, How do you stay afloat like a radiant car?’ Quipped the star from the sea with a curious heart, Wondering about the skies, where he couldn’t take part. As if hearing his plea on that still, silent night, A falling star zoomed, oh, what a sight! It left a trail of sparkle, a magical streak, and by the starfish’s side it gave a faint creak. ‘Star of the sea, don’t you see? You’re a star in your own special way!’ Said the fallen piece of sky, ‘You light up the sea, day by day. You don’t have to roam or in the heavens dart, For you’ve always been a star, right from the start.’ With that, the fallen star dove into the tide, And turned into a pearl with a glow so wide. Now the little starfish, with pride in his chest, Knew he was a star, among the ocean’s very best. Now when the night falls, and the stars play, creatures of the sea to the starfish they say: ‘How lucky we are, with a star ever near, To twinkle and guide us, without any fear.’ So the starfish still dreams beneath the waves’ crest, With his five-pointed shape, he truly is blessed. For the stars above, and the star below, Shine bright with a light that will always glow.

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