The Land Above The Skies

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In a realm where dreams gently weave, Beyond the clouds, where we believe, Lies a place of eternal light, Where days are warm, and stars are bright. With each glowing orb’s tender gleam, This land above is like a dream. Rivers of sparkle, clear and pure, Guide the righteous, the kind, and sure. Here, trees whisper in hushed delight, Leaves shimmering with dew so light. Flowers bloom in endless array, Painting colors of joyful play. In meadows green without a frown, Gentle creatures lay their heads down. Lambs and bunnies softly prance, In harmonious, blissful dance. Skies of azure, without a stain, Offer solace, relieve all pain. Voices join in celestial song, In this haven, all hearts belong. While this special place stays unseen, Its beauty lives where hope has been, In every act of love, so brave, Earth reflects the heaven we crave. This poem, a tale or a fable, Tells of a land, calm and stable, A vision of peace in our sleep, A heaven we sow and we reap.

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