The Ballad of the Whimsical Wood

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In the heart of the Whimsical Wood where the tall trees stood, With leaves that would shimmy and foxes that were good, There lived many creatures, with feathers and fur, And they all sang songs, with a purr and a whir. Among the bushes, beneath the blue skies, The picnic of chipmunks was quite a surprise. With berries and nuts, so neatly laid out, They feasted and played without a single doubt. Up in the branches with a lovely tune, The birds chirped and fluttered, every morning and noon. The squirrels joined in, with a tap and a leap, While the owlets hooted softly, just before they’d sleep. Down by the river , where the fresh waters run, Frogs croaked their ballads, basking in the sun. Dragonflies danced over ripples and waves, As fish swam in patterns, inside their water caves. The Whimsical Wood, where magic does bloom, With every new morning, nature’s own room. Where friendship is true, and life is a song, In this forest of joy, where all creatures belong. So let’s remember this tale, of the wood so grand, It’s a place of pure wonder, just not made by hand. The symphony of life, precious and good, Always plays on, in the Whimsical Wood.

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