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Once upon a time, in a colorful village called Greensville, there was a cheerful little boy named Lolo. He had curly hair, a wide smile, and a love for apples unlike any other. Today was special because Lolo was on a mission to find the juiciest apple for Grandma Lilly’s famous apple pie. With a tiny basket in hand, Lolo headed towards the magical orchard at the edge of the village, where the sun made the leaves glow like emeralds. As he walked through the orchard, filled the air while rays of sunlight danced between the branches. Lolo searched high and low for the perfect apple. He spotted one hanging from the highest branch, glistening with morning dew. It was the most beautiful apple he had ever seen! ‘How do I reach it?’ Lolo wondered. Just then, a friendly robin landed beside him. ‘You need help, I can see. I have a secret, follow me!’ chirped the robin. Lolo followed her to a hidden part of the orchard where he found an old leaning against a tree. He climbed up, stretching as far as he could, and plucked the apple. It was heavier than he expected and dropped into his basket with a . Triumphant, Lolo thanked the robin, and she whistled a sweet tune in reply. echoed as they sang. With the apple secured, Lolo headed back home, imagining how happy Grandma Lilly would be. He couldn’t wait to taste the apple pie, and share his adventure with everyone at home. That evening, as the family gathered around for dessert, the air was filled with the . Grandma Lilly’s pie was the best they’d ever had, and Lolo’s apple was indeed the juiciest of them all. ‘The secret ingredient to the best pie,’ Grandma Lilly smiled, ‘is the adventure and love put into finding the apple.’ And Lolo couldn’t agree more.

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