The Ice Dragon of Snowflake Peak

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Once upon a frosty time in the land of Glaciera, snowflakes danced like tiny ballerinas in the icy air, and a majestic Ice Dragon named Frostwing ruled the skies above Snowflake Peak. Unlike other dragons that breathed fire, Frostwing had the magical ability to exhale a chilly gust of , dusting the land with shimmering ice crystals. In the village below, nestled among the snow-covered pines, the children laughed and played, making snowmen and sledding down the gentle slopes. They had never seen Frostwing, but tales of the gentle Ice Dragon were passed from elder to child, filling their dreams with sparkling silver wings and frosty adventures. One particularly cold evening, as the bluish twilight wrapped Glaciera in its embrace, a young girl named Iris ventured out to gather firewood. The wind whispered and curled around the trees with a , carrying a faint, sorrowful wail. Iris paused, her breath forming a silvery cloud before her. The wail sounded again, this time closer, and it tugged at her heart. Guided by the strange call, Iris found herself at the base of Snowflake Peak, where she saw something unexpected. The great Ice Dragon, Frostwing, was entangled in a net left by hunters! Despite her fear, Iris knew she had to help. She approached cautiously, talking in gentle tones. ‘Don’t be afraid, Frostwing. I am here to help.’ The dragon’s -like eyes looked at her with gratitude, and she began to untie the knots of the net. Minutes turned into hours as Iris’s fingers worked tirelessly. At last, Frostwing was free! With a that echoed like a mighty winter storm, Frostwing flapped his majestic wings, sending a cascade of glimmering snowflakes swirling around them. As a token of thanks, Frostwing gifted Iris with a scale that glistened like the purest ice. It was said to bring warmth and safety to her family during the coldest nights. Whenever Frostwing soared high above, Iris felt a special connection with the Ice Dragon, her heart as warm as the villagers’ firesides. So it was that Frostwing and the people of Glaciera lived in harmony, sharing the land and its wonders, and proving that even the mightiest of creatures can be the gentlest of friends. And every winter, when snowflakes dance in the sky, the children of the village know that Frostwing is near, guarding them with his icy wings.

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