The Yeti in Our Home

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[Scene opens in the cozy lounge of a mountain cabin, where JAKE, a boy with a frown, sits on the floor. A cheerful TODDLER sister crawls around, and an older brother, ALEX, enters with excitement in his eyes.] ALEX: (holding a large footprint cast) Look, Jake! Proof that yetis are friendlier than we thought! JAKE: (unimpressed) Yetis? Pfft. They’re just big, hairy, and scary. [TODDLER gurgles, reaching for the cast with curiosity.] TODDLER: Yayti! ALEX: See, even little Emma is fascinated by yetis! Remember how we used to read about them together? JAKE: (scoffing) I was a kid then. ALEX: (sitting down) Jake, I know you’re not fond of yetis anymore, but hate is such a strong feeling. What changed? JAKE: (looking away) I don’t know… They just creep me out now. [TODDLER claps her hands, looking between her brothers.] TODDLER: Yayti, yayti! ALEX: (standing up) Okay, I have a surprise that might change your mind. [JAKE looks curious but remains seated. ALEX exits and then returns, followed by a GENTLE YETI who waves shyly.] YETI: (softly) Hello, Jake. JAKE: (startled) Whoa! A… a yeti? How? ALEX: (smiling) Our village is a safe place for them, and I thought meeting one might help. [JAKE watches as TODDLER giggles and hugs the YETI’s leg. The YETI smiles gently and pats her head.] JAKE: (reluctantly) It… it seems kind of nice. [TODDLER offers the YETI her favorite toy. The YETI accepts it with a soft grin and then offers it back, playing a gentle game.] ALEX: (whispering to Jake) They’re all about family, just like us. [JAKE looks at the YETI and then at his siblings, the corners of his mouth turning up in a tentative smile.] JAKE: Maybe… maybe I’ve been wrong about yetis. ALEX: (putting an arm around Jake) It’s okay to change your mind, buddy. [The YETI speaks in a rumbling yet friendly voice.] YETI: Friends? JAKE: (nodding and smiling fully now) Friends. [The scene fades out as the siblings and the YETI begin to play together, laughter filling the cabin. End of story.]

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