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Once upon a time in a snowy little town, nestled among the great white mountains, lived three brothers. The eldest, Alex, was 20 and loved nothing more than a good story about yetis. Middle brother Ben was 15 with a big imagination, but for him, yetis were definitely not the heroes of any story. Little Sammy, just three, followed whatever Ben felt or said. Alex knew it was time for a change. He wanted to show them the gentler side of these mythical creatures. One chilly afternoon, Alex invited his best friend, a kind-hearted yeti named Beast, over to their home for a movie night. He chose Sammy’s favorite movie, ‘The Muppets’, from Disney+. BEN: (scowling at Beast) ‘Why did you even bring him here? You know I don’t like yetis!’ ALEX: ‘Just give it a chance, Ben. Remember that yeti storybook I read when you were one? It scared you, but that wasn’t the real story of yetis.’ A flashback reveals one-year-old Ben, wide-eyed as Alex read aloud a yeti tale. Ben’s imagination turned the story’s yeti into a scary monster. Back in the present, Sammy clapped as Beast sat down with them, his big, fluffy figure dwarfing the couch. BEAST: (in a deep, friendly voice) ‘Hello friends! I’ve brought Muppet-shaped cookies for everyone!’ Ben looked skeptical at first, but the inviting smell of warm cookies and the Muppets’ cheerful tunes began to mellow him. Beast’s gentle laughter and the fun facts he shared about yeti life captivated the young brothers. By the movie’s end, Sammy was snuggled up to Beast, their laughter blending in harmony. Ben whispers to Alex. BEN: ‘They’re not that bad, right?’ ALEX: (smiling) ‘They’re just misunderstood, just like the Muppets were, until they found friends.’ As they said goodnight, Ben shook Beast’s huge, furry hand. BEN: ‘Would love to hear a yeti story tonight, Alex. The true version, please.’ And so, with an old fear put to rest, every night became an adventure, as Alex shared tales where yetis were heroes, and his brothers listened, their hearts open to a world of wonder.

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