Potty Training Percy the Yeti

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In the snowy peaks of the Fuzzytop Mountains lived a young yeti named Percy. Training Percy was quite the challenge, and here are seven amusing reasons why: 1. **The Snowball Effect**: Every time Percy tried sitting on his little potty, he would shiver with excitement and turn the bathroom into a snowball mess. Cleaning up was like preparing for a snowball festival every day! 2. **Super Yeti Strength**: Percy was strong! When he tried to pull the flush, whoosh, the water would splash out like a fountain, and sometimes the handle would come off right in his furry paw. 3. **Forgetful Whiskers**: Percy had so much fur that he’d often forget where he kept his potty. Searching for it became a daily treasure hunt, with the potty hiding under a mound of fluff. 4. **Snowy Snacks**: Yetis love snow, and Percy would get distracted eating his favorite snowy snacks instead of sitting still on the potty. 5. **Yeti Size Matters**: Percy was growing so fast that he seemed to outgrow his potty every other week. Finding a yeti-sized potty was quite a task for his family! 6. **Ice-Cold Toes**: Percy didn’t like the cold floor on his toes, so he would avoid the potty just to keep his feet warm and cozy in his fuzzy slippers. Who could blame him? 7. **Midnight Mischief**: At night, Percy loved to play in the moonlit snow. But this meant he often forgot his bedtime potty routine, too busy making snow angels under the stars. Despite these challenges, Percy’s family was patient, and with love and laughter, they helped him learn. It wasn’t easy potty training a yeti, but it sure was an adventure filled with warm hugs and endless giggles.

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