The Seven Silly Words and the Yeti

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In the frosty peaks of Snowflake Mountains, there lived a friendly Yeti named Yawn. Yawn was a gentle giant with a heart as warm as a summer day. He loved to play snowball and make ice sculptures with his mountain friends. But there were seven silly words that no one should ever call a Yeti, especially Yawn. The first was ‘Scary’. Even though Yetis look different, they have feelings too. Calling them ‘scary’ makes them sad because all Yawn wanted was to make friends. The second word was ‘Hairy’. Yawn knew he had lots of fur, but it kept him warm in the cold. Pointing that out rudely could hurt a Yeti’s feelings. Thirdly, ‘Loud’ wasn’t a nice name. Yetis may have booming voices, but Yawn used his to sing sweet lullabies to the wind. Fourth, ‘Clumsy’. With big feet, it was easy for Yeti to slip on ice, but he was actually quite graceful, helping small animals across tricky paths. Fifth was ‘Grumpy’. Yawns sometimes looked stern, but inside, he was full of giggles and smiles, spreading joy wherever he went. The sixth word was ‘Snowy’. Some teased Yetis for always being covered in snow, but that was their home! They loved the snowflakes that glittered like diamonds in their fur. Lastly, ‘Lonely’ didn’t fit. Even if Yetis liked their quiet time, they were never truly alone. The mountains were their companions, and so were the stars at night. In the end, all words that hurt and label are better left unsaid. It’s important to be kind and understand that everyone, even a Yeti, has a heart. And Yawn, with his big Yeti smile, reminded everyone that a little kindness goes a long way.

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