Movie Night with Munch the Yeti

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In the frosty peaks of Giggleglacier, Munch the yeti loved cozy nights and movies. But some movies weren’t quite right for yeti ears and eyes. Here are three movies that weren’t Munch’s favorites and what he watched instead. First, ‘The Scary Shiver’ was too spooky, making Munch peek through his paws. Instead, he picked ‘The Laughing Llama,’ a film full of giggles and fun adventures! Next, ‘The Desert Dustup’ had scenes of scorching suns and dry deserts — not very comfy for a snow-loving yeti. Munch chose ‘Frosty Friends Forever,’ a cool tale about friendship in the snow-capped mountains. Lastly, ‘The Loud Roarathon’ was too noisy, with thunders and shouts. Munch preferred the gentle tunes of ‘Melodies of the Meadow,’ a musical with animals playing sweet songs. Munch had learned that some stories are better shared with friends in the right setting. And with a bowl of ice-crisp popcorn, any night could be the best movie night, especially with movies that made him smile and feel at home.

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