Seven Brave Yetis and the Wholesome Films

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Once upon a time, in the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, there lived seven yetis who loved movies. But they often found some films to be a bit too scary. They decided to make a list of gentler films to enjoy without any scares. First on their list was ‘The Enchanting Forest’ instead of a spooky 80s ghost movie. They loved how this film was full of mystical creatures and kind-hearted trees that sang to the moon. Then they chose ‘Robots of Fun Town’ over a classic 80s robot film. The yetis laughed at the friendly robots dancing and inventing toys for children. ‘The Adventures of Princess Luna’ became their new favorite instead of a dark 80s fantasy. It was full of light and sparkles, with Luna spreading joy in her kingdom. Instead of a chilling 80s space movie, they discovered ‘Cosmic Friends.’ It was a fun tale of aliens hosting a galactic tea party for stars and planets. Choosing ‘The Magic Paintbrush,’ over a paranormal 80s flick was easy. It was about an artist whose paintings came to life, creating beautiful, happy worlds. They swapped an intense 80s drama with ‘Teddy Bear Beach Party,’ where teddies built sandcastles and played volleyball under the sun. Last, instead of a thrilling 80s adventure, they picked ‘The Rainbow Colored River,’ a soothing story about animals sharing and caring for each other beside a magical river. The seven yetis snuggled together, content with their list of comforting films, ready for many nights of happy watching without any frights.

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