The Great Name Debate at Puppet Mansion

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In the grand halls of Puppet Mansion, there was a stir of excitement that buzzed through the air. Miss Pinky, the most elegant of all puppets, had an idea that she believed was simply marvelous. She wanted to give her friend, the wild drummer named Thunder, a new name that sounded more ‘civilized’ and ‘nicer.’ ‘What about calling you ‘Mr. Softbeat’? Isn’t that a lovely name?’ she suggested with a smile. Thunder shook his head with a tangle of colorful hair flying everywhere, ‘Thunder is who I am!’ he roared with a laugh that echoed through the mansion. Mr. Peppy, the band’s cool bassist, had watched enough. He strummed his guitar strings and stepped in between the two. ‘Miss Pinky,’ Mr. Peppy said, ‘names are like special songs to each of us. They tell our story and show who we are. Thunder’s name is perfect for him—loud, exciting, and full of life, just like his music!’ Miss Pinky listened carefully, twirling her pearl necklace in thought. ‘You’re right, Mr. Peppy,’ she finally agreed. ‘Thunder’s name is a part of who he is, and it’s a name that makes him happy.’ Thunder gave a grateful drumroll, and the Mansion filled with cheers and the melody of acceptance. ‘Let’s celebrate our unique names and the stories they tell,’ Mr. Peppy cheered, and they all danced to the beat of Thunder’s wild drums, knowing that everyone’s name is special, just like them.

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