Kermit and the Drumbeat Talent Show

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In a cozy kitchen with colorful cups and plates, the Muppets were munching on their morning mea. There were pancakes and fruits, and even Gonzo had made a wiggly worm waffle! Just as Kermit sipped his green tea, his eyes caught an interesting headline in the newspaper: ‘Cutest Drummer Ever Contest in Central Park!’ ‘Guys, look! There’s going to be a drumming contest today!’ Kermit announced, waving the paper excitedly. Miss Piggy twirled her hair, contemplating if her fabulous drum skills would be considered ‘cute.’ Fozzie Bear was already tapping the table, practicing a funny beat. But all eyes fell on Animal, the wildest drummer they knew. His eyes lit up like fireworks, ‘DRUM! DRUM!’ he exclaimed, throwing his spoon and it clanked into the cereal bowl. The Muppets cheered and quickly planned their journey. With Kermit as the leader, they hopped on their bikes and tooted their horns all the way to Central Park. They passed by trees dancing in the breeze and ducks marching like a parade. At the park, animals and critters of all sizes had gathered, each with a little drum. There were squirrels with tiny cymbals and a bunny with a carrot-drumstick, but none had the wild energy of Animal. Animal took the stage, his drumsticks a blur of motion. He drummed high, he drummed low, and even spun around in a drumming tornado! The crowd was astonished; they’d never seen anything quite so uniquely ‘cute.’ When it was time to announce the winner, the excitement buzzed through the air. ‘And the cutest drummer is… Animal from the Muppets!’ Everyone cheered, even the squirrels and the bunny. The Muppets celebrated with a concert right there in the park, inviting everyone to dance to Animal’s wild beats. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and the wonderful rhythm of friends making music together.

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