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Once upon a time in a cozy little house on Willow Street, a young boy named Elliot had a secret friend from the stars, a cute extra-terrestrial he called ET. With big eyes and a warm heart, ET charmed everyone, but he dearly missed his family in the stars. So, ET used to say, ‘ET phone home’ and spent hours talking to his intergalactic family. But, there was a tiny problem – the phone bill! ET’s long-distance calls weren’t just across countries; they were across galaxies! And soon, Elliot’s mom, Mary, saw a massive phone bill. ‘Oh dear,’ she gasped, looking at the numbers that seemed to stretch longer than ET’s magical finger. Elliot knew he had to help. So, he sat down with ET, holding a calendar. ‘ET, look here, we have seven days in a week,’ Elliot explained, pointing to the days. ET tilted his head, curious. ‘We are going to circle Sunday. This will be our special ‘Phone Home’ day.’ He circled all the Sundays in bright red. ‘This way, we can save up and tell your family all the amazing things during the week in one great call!’ Elliot said with a smile. The next several days, whenever ET said, ‘ET phone home,’ Elliot would remind him of their Sunday plan, and together they would write down the exciting things to share with ET’s family. Sunday finally came, and ET was bursting with stories. The call was full of laughter and ET’s joy lit up the room. Mary watched, and her heart softened. She knew the stars had brought a special friendship into their home. From then on, every Sunday became an awaited adventure as ET’s calls became a special moment that bonded not just two families but two worlds. And the phone bill? It became just another paper flying away with the autumn wind.

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