The Family with the Milky-Way Phone Bill

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Once in a town named Cheerful Meadows, four different families received their phone bills on the same bright morning, and each one was bigger than the last! The Puppet family had lots and lots of calls to variety show theaters, resulting in a giant bill. Next, the Stone family, who loved chatting with friends from Bedrock to Rock Vegas, got an enormous bill that made their jaws drop. Then, the Zippy family, famous for their witty talks and prank calls, had an even bigger bill that piled up like a mountain of pancakes! But it was the Starry family, caregivers to a fuzzy extraterrestrial friend named Zalf, who got the biggest phone bill ever. It was as if Zalf had called every star in the cosmos! From the Big Dipper to the rings of Saturn, Zalf had stories to tell and greetings to send. ‘Yikes, we need to fix this,’ said Mr. Starry, scratching his head. ‘Perhaps we could start an Intergalactic Call Savings Club?’ suggested Mrs. Starry with a smile. The children, Tim and Tina, giggled, imagining a club in space. The Puppet, Stone, and Zippy families joined in, and soon they created the ‘Call Wise Club.’ They learned to budget their calls, use space-mail (a free messaging service for galaxies far away), and most importantly, make time for fun without phones. In the end, Zalf’s friends from all the galaxies came to visit in their shimmery spaceships, and they had the biggest interstellar block party Cheerful Meadows had ever seen. It turned out, staying connected didn’t require a big bill, just big hearts and open arms. And from that day on, the happy families and their cosmic friends had adventures that were truly out of this world, without worrying about the phone bill ever again.

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