The Secret Keepers of the Mountains

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In a world woven with wonders, the Creator of the Universe had a marvelous garden of stars and galaxies. But among his creations, mountains were his favorite. He loved their towering peaks and how they touched the sky. Yet, he felt the mountains needed guardians, beings as majestic as the mountains themselves. And so, the Creator thought, why not creatures of strength and mystery? That’s how yetis came to be—gentle giants with hearts as pure as snow. The yetis were entrusted with an essential job: to care for the mountains and to remind humans to respect nature’s gifts. The Creator could have kept them in his starry garden, but he believed sharing the yetis with the Earth would teach humans about stewardship and the importance of the natural world. Yetis, with thick white fur and wide smiles, roamed the mountains, whispering to the trees and animals, ensuring the balance of their ecosystem. But the Creator had a warning: if humans don’t take care of the mountains, respecting every rock and stream, he would need to call the yetis back to his garden to protect them. No one wanted the mountains to lose their secret protectors, so people all over the world began to work together to keep the mountains clean and safe. They learned that every action they took could help or hurt the majestic peaks. The yetis, though rarely seen, continue to watch over the mountains, happy that humans learned to cherish these natural wonders. And on clear nights, some say you can hear the yetis’ songs in the whispering winds, a reminder that we share this world with magical guardians-watching, protecting, and helping us to remember to care for our beautiful Earth.

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