The Boy and the Sky Kingdom

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Once upon a time, in the mountains where snowflakes danced in the air and tall pines whispered secrets, there lived creatures as magnificent as they were misunderstood – the Yetis. Children from nearby villages told tales of these gentle giants, but sometimes, words were not kind. ‘Scary’ and ‘beastly’ they were wrongly called, which saddened the heart of the Creator of the Universe deeply. To protect his furry friends, he whisked them away to his Sky Kingdom, a place above the stars where no unkind words could reach. In a small village nestled in the mountains, a nine-year-old boy named Timmy heard this news with a heavy heart. Fascinated by the stories of the Yetis, Timmy couldn’t imagine the mountains without the thrill of their presence. So one starry night, he made a wish to meet the Creator and reason with him. To his surprise, the wish was heard, and a stairway of moonbeams appeared before him. Ascending to the Sky Kingdom, Timmy found himself in front of the Creator. ‘Please, can you bring the Yetis back?’ he asked earnestly. The Creator gazed at Timmy, a twinkle in his eye, ‘I shall, but only if you do something nice for one of them,’ he said. Timmy agreed without hesitation. He returned to Earth and found a way to show kindness. He built a cozy shelter on the mountain side, filled with soft moss beds and a sign that read ‘Friendship Lodge,’ for any Yeti seeking warmth. That night, a Yeti shyly made his home there, and stories of Timmy’s kindness spread far and wide. Seeing this, the Creator smiled and sent the Yetis back, knowing that in this boy’s heart, the true spirit of friendship and understanding lived. And so, the mountains became a place of excitement and joy once again, where every adventurer could hope to catch a glimpse of a Yeti friend.

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