William’s First Day Adventure

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named William. It was a sunny morning, and William was brighter than the sun because it was his first day at preschool. His daddy gave him a big hug and a piece of advice before he stepped into his new classroom, ‘Remember, William, make new friends and have fun learning new things!’ said Daddy with a smile. As William entered the room, he saw colorful walls with drawings of castles, dragons, and smiling suns. His heart bloomed with excitement. He was ready to make lots of friends and play with the myriad of toys neatly lined up on the shelves. During circle time, the teacher asked everyone to share something special. Kids talked about their pets, their favorite toys, and the games they loved to play. William thought hard about what to share. He remembered his daddy’s words about keeping the family secret, so he decided to talk about his love for painting rainbows. After circle time, the children played together. They built towers with blocks, read storybooks, and painted beautiful pictures. William made a painting with all the colors of the rainbow, and when he held it up, everyone clapped. He felt proud and happy. At the end of the day, William’s daddy came to pick him up. Seeing William with a big smile and his painting in hand made Daddy very happy. ‘I made new friends and learned about rainbows and sharing,’ William said excitedly. And so, William’s first day at preschool was filled with joyful learning and new friendships, a perfect beginning to his preschool adventures. And the big hairy creature? Well, it remained a giggly secret between him and daddy, and that was perfectly okay.

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