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Once in the cozy town of Snuggleford, there was a baby named William. William was soft and cuddly with cheeks like squishy peaches, and he had just turned two months old. One sunny morning, William found himself in a little pickle; all his diapers were dirty, and he needed a change. Today, it was Daddy’s turn, but Daddy had never changed William’s diaper before, since Mommy always did the honors. William wiggled and giggled, wondering if Daddy could rise to the challenge. Daddy walked into the nursery, scratching his head, looking at the diaper station with lots of curiosity. ‘How hard can it be?’ Daddy mused aloud, rolling up his sleeves. He looked at William, and William looked back with big, trusting eyes. With a deep breath, Daddy picked up a clean diaper. There were tapes, flaps, and so many layers, it was like a puzzle made of soft, fluffy cotton. Daddy read the instructions, and got to work. A tape stuck to his hand, the diaper went on backward, and for a moment, Daddy looked as if he might call for backup. But then, he remembered the way Mommy did it, with gentle hands and calm words. So, Daddy started again, this time with more confidence. He talked to William, telling him a story about a brave knight conquering a dragon, which was really Daddy conquering the diaper! After a couple of tries, Daddy triumphed. William was now snug in a clean diaper, cooing happily. Daddy’s heart swelled with pride. He had learned a new skill and helped his little boy. From that day on, diaper changing became a time for laughter and learning for both Daddy and William. And Daddy realized that with love and a little patience, there was nothing too tricky to tackle, even a fluffy dragon, I mean diaper!

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