William and Elliot: The Boy and His Yeti Friend

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Once upon a time in sunny Arizona, there was a 12-year-old boy named William who lived with his dad, Charles, and his best friend, a yeti named Elliot. Elliot loved living with William because there were so many fun things to do, but like everyone, there were also things he didn’t like much. Here are the five things Elliot adored and the five things he wasn’t keen on. The first thing Elliot loved was when William read to him. Elliot didn’t know how to read, but he loved listening to the stories and adventures that came from William’s books. However, Elliot wasn’t too fond of playing hide and seek. It was hard to find hiding spots when you’re a yeti in Arizona! The second thing Elliot loved was when William shared his ice cream. The cool treat was perfect for the hot desert days. On the flip side, Elliot didn’t like it when William wanted to play tag. Running made Elliot too hot and puffy, and he preferred to stay cool. Thirdly, Elliot enjoyed stargazing with William. They would lie on the grass, looking up at the night sky, chatting about the stars and the moon. But Elliot did not like it when William tried to style his fur. The combs and products were too sticky and ticklish for his thick yeti fur. Elliot’s fourth joy was painting with William. They created colorful masterpieces that were displayed all over the house. However, Elliot was not eager about swimming. Yetis are made for cold, snowy climates, not the pool, and Elliot was afraid he would melt! Lastly, Elliot loved when William and his dad, Charles, sang songs together. The house would fill with music and laughter, and sometimes, Elliot even hummed along. But he never looked forward to cleaning day because the vacuum cleaner frightened him with its loud noise and unpredictable movements. In the end, William and Elliot cherished their time together, respecting what each other loved and disliked, and that made their friendship truly special.

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