Elliot the Yeti and His Favorite Strokes

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In a sunny corner of Arizona, there was a 12-year-old boy named William who lived with his dad, Charles. They had a very unusual friend, Elliot, who was a yeti! Yes, a real yeti, with fluffy fur and a warm smile. Way different from what stories say, Elliot loved living with humans and had a couple of unique quirks, especially when it came to being stroked, almost like a cat. William discovered five ways Elliot loved to be petted. Firstly, William would gently stroke Elliot’s ears. This made Elliot hum with happiness, and his bright blue eyes would close with contentment. Secondly, a light back scratch was always welcome. Elliot would lean back and let out tiny yeti chuckles, tickled by the pleasant sensation. Thirdly, Elliot enjoyed when William patted his head softly, often nudging for more like a giant cuddly pet. Fourthly, Elliot was particularly fond of having his belly rubbed. He’d lay back, kicking his feet in glee. Lastly, a gentle brush of his shaggy fur with a wide-toothed comb, kept specially for him, was among Elliot’s favorites. It made him look neat for their Arizona outings. However, Elliot wasn’t keen on being stroked unexpectedly. He needed a little heads up, or else he’d give a small yeti yelp, surprised by the sudden touch. William and Charles always made sure to ask first, respecting their friend’s wishes. Every day after school, William would spend time with Elliot, making sure to show his affection in the way Elliot loved most. It was a special bond between a boy and his yeti friend that taught them all about respect, kindness, and the joy of simple gestures of love.

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