Lucas, the Giant, and the Broken Coin

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In the quiet town of Maplewood, young Lucas and his mom received a rather large visitor one sunny afternoon. It was Barry, Lucas’s best friend and the friendliest giant in American folklore. As Barry squeezed through the door, something was clearly wrong; his usual rumbling laughter wasn’t heard, and instead, there was a sound of tears falling like a gentle rainfall on the couch. Barry was very sad. Lucas, with his detective cap on, decided to investigate. He thought Barry might have stepped on a butterfly, for such accidents always made the gentle giant feel blue. However, upon checking Barry’s gigantic shoes, Lucas found no trace of a butterfly. As he looked closer, he found something shiny—a piece of a coin sticking out from Barry’s shoe! The coin had broken under Barry’s heavy step, and now it was giving the poor giant a terrible footache. Lucas and his mom knew they had to act fast to cheer up their big friend. While Lucas hugged Barry’s toe to comfort him, his mom gently pried the broken piece of coin from Barry’s shoe. As soon as the coin was out, a smile as wide as a river spread across Barry’s face. He was no longer hurting! To celebrate, Lucas, his mom, and Barry decided to plant a little tree in their backyard as a token of friendship and a reminder to always look where you step. Each passing season, the tree grew taller and stronger, much like their friendship, turning the memory of the broken coin into one of laughter and the joy of helping others.

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