The Yeti’s Rooftop Rescue

In the quiet town of Snowdale, Eleanor was tucked into her warm bed when suddenly, a thunderous noise boomed from the roof. Startled, she jumped up and peered outside. It wasn’t a storm, nor was it a marching band, but it sure sounded like a rodeo had taken over her rooftop. Curious and a bit anxious, Eleanor tiptoed outside for a better look. To her amazement, she saw a big, fluffy figure pacing back and forth. It was Yanni, the friendly neighborhood yeti! Somehow, he had gotten stuck on the roof of her house. ‘Oh no! Yanni must have found the chewing gum I stuck up there,’ Eleanor thought, feeling guilty about her sticky habit. Remembering that yetis have very sensitive feet, Eleanor knew the gum must be bothering him. She had to act fast! With determination, Eleanor fetched a ladder and climbed up to the roof. ‘Don’t worry, Yanni!’ she called out, ‘I’ll help you get down from here.’ Carefully, she helped Yanni peel off the pesky gum from his furry feet. With a grateful smile, Yanni let out a happy yeti purr, which sounded like a gentle rumble across the rooftops. Eleanor giggled, happy to have helped her large friend. The neighbors peeked out of their windows, relieved to find out it was just Yanni and Eleanor, and not an actual rodeo. From that day on, Eleanor promised to keep her gum in her pocket instead of on the roof. And as for Yanni, he made sure to watch his step whenever he roamed the rooftops, always ready for another adventure.

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